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Jake's Dragon Foundation

"Through all of this journey, we learned so much about pediatric cancer and what needs to be done so that our children do not have to suffer.  Every cancer should have treatment options. We need more research and better cures. 4% is not nearly good enough. Our family and Jake’s Dragon Foundation are committed to funding research for better cures, helping families and spreading awareness and advocacy.  We will do this so no other family has to bear what our hearts are feeling right now. We will do this for our love for Jake."

- Jake's Family

 Jake was diagnosed at an early age with PDD-NOS (a mild form of autism) and ADHD. He faced many challenges every day trying to succeed in school and this caused him anxiety and stress. His imagination and ability to fantasize helped him to cope with his difficulties. He loved dragons, they were very special to him because he always felt they protected him.

After coming home from vacation, Jake started summer camp. He was so excited but started to experience pain in his shoulder. After an ER visit, and two weeks of tests, Jake was diagnosed with Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma, NOS.  It is extremely rare in children. In fact of all the children who have been diagnosed, there were no two cases alike. Jake sailed through his first rounds of treatment like a champ! He was SO brave. Because this cancer is so rare, doctors were off the grid as to what treatment to try next. Jake's parents consulted with doctors and researchers all around the country. The treatment caused complications which ultimately cost Jake his life. He went on to fly with the dragons on February 9, 2018.

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